• Eizzy Parent Chronicles: Maria Berglund

    Has motherhood changed your perspective on the world in any way?

    Yes. Priorities shift when you become a mom. I didn’t realize how hard motherhood would be per se. I knew it was hard, but I didn’t understand why. I have a lot of respect for mothers now. I think we’re often undervalued, and disregarded.

    For me, becoming a mom made me realize the struggles my own mother went through, being a single mom in need...

  • How to wean your baby from bottle to open cups

    Drinking from an open cup or a straw is a lifelong skill i.e. your baby will use these skills in adulthood too, unlike sippy cups and 360 cups. Despite popular advertising claims, both sippy cups and 360 cups encourage a way of drinking that is not ideal for your baby’s oral-motor skills development. 
  • Top 3 Tips for Picky Eaters

      “Make it fun, don’t worry about the mess! My son would spill something and we would say something like “Oh NOOO!” or “Huh!” and he would get ner...

    This is the journey of a successful Single mom who came from a background of special education in the non-profits to  being a stellar successful mompreneur of the brand “Eizzy Baby.”
  • Beads Of Hope

    Eizzy Baby is deeply committed to making sustainable practices, ethical products and positive environmental impacts. We think a product is so much more beautiful when it does more than just bring value in our life, but adds value to others. With each purchase of a hand-made jewelry, 100% of the proceeds are donated to Angel House's initiative to creating opportunities for young women in Uganda.
  • What Is food grade silicone and BPA? is it safe for my baby?

     Why is silicone used in baby products? 

    Food grade silicone is Non hazardous, odorless and Non- toxic in nature. This simply means that it does not contain BPA, latex, lead and other harmful byproducts which, by the way, should be nowhere near your baby’s mouth. 

    It is highly resistant to high temperature which entails that it does not harden, crack, peel, crumble, dry out, rot, or become brittle overtime. Its lightweight quality makes it travel friendly. 

    • Eizzy Parent Chronicles: Alexis Bolivar

      What’s the best thing about being a mom?

      The love, affection, and admiration. The way motherhood continues to encourage me to be the best version of myself. The way I have slowly learned to let go of my perfectionism, which is nearly impossible to maintain with 4 children, especially with 3 boys! The ability to shape young minds in the hopes of raising them to change in the world in whatever small or grand ways they choose. And the ability to relive your youth again. If you allow it to, parenting can keep you youthful. 

    • Eizzy Parent Chronicles: Jerome Fenton

      What’s the best thing about being a dad?

      "The best part about being a dad is watching your kids grow up. Having the opportunity to watch, support, and positively influence someone's life is one of greatest honors I've ever had (times three). The unconditional love that has developed in me, first by becoming a husband and then a father, is my daily motivation and the best part of my personal journey through fatherhood."

    • Our School Year Preparation During COVID-19

      The 2020 back-to-school season is very much unlike any one before. As kids, parents, teachers, and schools approach the start of a new school year, there are many questions about exactly what this year will look like in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Eizzy Parent Chronicles: Cathy Wojcik

      What’s the best thing about being a mom?

      "EVERYTHING. Literally...I love feeling loved, I love the hugs and kisses, I love to see them learn and grow, I love that it has made me feel more empowered and confident than ever in my life."

    • Welcome to Eizzy Baby!

      Parenting is an exciting, grand, and messy adventure and Eizzy Baby want to make it eizzy-er, one product at a time.
    • A Message From Our Founder

      "When I set out to create Eizzy Baby, my goal was to make products that were fashionable, durable, safe, and time-saving. Spending more time with our kids, helping them reach important milestones, and simply being present when they need us are parts of (parent) life's special moments. "