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Top 3 Tips for Picky Eaters


“Make it fun, don’t worry about the mess! My son would spill something and we would say something like “Oh NOOO!” or “Huh!” and he would get nervous and try NOT to make a mess” 

Today we are sharing amazing tips for your picky eaters and how to make dinners, not a screaming mess. 

Yes, we see you crying mommas! 

Does mealtime almost feel like a war to you? 

Where you are fighting your own kid, who has recently started being vocal about their food choices? 

Is your kid always saying “NO, I don’t want to eat this?” during mealtime? 

Well then, this conversation with the very talented ‘Danielle’ from ‘Shaping Young Taste Buds’ is going to be insightful. 

In this conversation Danielle shares - 

  • Her 3 top tips for picky eaters
  • Her thoughts on the popular “Sneaking vegetables in the food” And much more! 

Danielle’s Top 3 Tips for Picky Eaters


1. Portions, Portion, PORTIONS!

Mistakes that most parents do, Danielle shared at one point, she did it too. 

“I was giving my son a plate that looks similar to mine. Like giving him a lot of vegetables, a little protein, and a little bit of carbs.” 

Instead what parents should do is - 

“You need to think about your portions in relation to the foods your kid is comfortable with.”

She shares her insight on how because you want them to eat a certain kind of food, it doesn’t mean that they are comfortable with it too. You are just going to scare them away. 

Instead, if you want them to eat a vegetable you think they are going to fight you on, you can put a little piece of it first. 

Encourage them to touch it, smell it and the idea is to get them closer to eating it.


2. The Utensils and Feeding Equipment's Really Matter!

“I would shy away from a plate that is a big circle, which doesn’t have any divisions because picky eaters are not going to want their food to touch, they are going to be afraid of the foods they are not comfortable with. 

But your goal is to at least have them on the plate which is better than the food not even being there” 

This is why Danielle prefers and recommends Divided plates for picky eaters. 

She especially loves the Eizzy Silicone Suction Plates with 3 divided sections for portion and nutritional guidance. 

You can shop for it Here 

Danielle also suggests that anything that’s novel, kids love that! Want to hear more about that? You can check this video where she is candid and shares her insight (Enter the link for the interview with Danielle) 

Letting your kid choose the colors, patterns, or shapes of their feeding equipment makes them more interested and not bored with their meals. 



3. Make it fun and don’t worry about the mess!

Mistakes that most parents make, including Danielle! 

“My son would spill something and we would say something like “Oh NOOO!” or “Huh!” and he would get nervous and NOT want to make a mess”

Danielle shares that if dinners become a boring thing as adults do, they are never going to like it and they are never going to eat what you put on their plates. 

“They are going to come up to the table, they are going to eat a couple of things that they want to eat and then ask to get down!” 

Make it fun for them and not a chore. 

Don’t worry too much about the mess. 

If your little one is messy and if you want to avoid that extra cleaning process, you must check out our Eizzy Bibs, made to help working and busy parents with messy eaters. 

If you want more resources from Danielle, you can check and reach out to her on her Instagram @shapingyoungtastebuds  or visit her website here 



Danielle’s thoughts on the popular “Sneaking vegetables in the food”

“The experts would say, don’t sneak in vegetables. The idea is to get them used to eating them and you don’t want to lie to your kids! But, once in a while, you can certainly do it.” 

She shared how in a homemade pizza, she’d add some superfoods like Chia Seeds in the sauce. 

Do you want to know more? Danielle shares more insights on picky eaters in this video interview. You must check it out! 

Igtv link of this interview 

You can reach out to Danielle on Instagram @shapingyoungtastebuds

and Eizzy Baby on Instagram @eizzybaby. 

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