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We offer a curated collection of baby products and neat solutions for travel and play, made simple and easy.

Born from a need for safe, affordable, and tastefully-colorful products for her son,  a social-development worker turned mom, has brought her years of professional and personal expertise together to create a line of kids products that prove practical, beautiful, neat solutions for babies and toddlers are not only possible, but also affordable.
Eizzy Baby collections infuse color, happiness, and function into everyday parent life. The brand captures the joy of childhood through high-quality, safe, and affordable easy-to-clean products and travel storage in a curated range of soft colors. Eizzy Baby endeavors to be a purveyor of stylish solutions for busy parents who want to spend more time making special memories with their children rather than cleaning up after them. Parenting is an exciting, grand, and messy adventure and Eizzy Baby want to make it eizzy-er, one product at a time.
We hope to be there for you, at every step along your journey.
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