“We create barriers for ourselves, I like to go beyond that and push myself.”

“I feel like it never really means a no for me it's always a ‘maybe’, ‘not right now', ‘tomorrow’. I never take the first no as a no, I always go for it and try again and again.”

This is the journey of a successful Single mom who came from a background of special education in the non-profits to  being a stellar successful mompreneur of the brand “Eizzy Baby.”

Yes, we are featuring the story of the founder of Eizzy baby “Assie Khoussa” and a special shout out to Jerome Fenton who took this interview for his podcast ‘H for Hustle’.

Assie shares about the journey of Eizzy baby from about a year ago to today in the present.


  1. She shares about -
  2. Why Eizzy Baby
  3. How she sold her assets like her clothes and shoes for capital
  4. The Expectations Vs The Reality
  5. The Covid fiasco with getting Fired
  6. Marketing Strategies
  7. How “YOU” can do it too
  8. And many many more which you can find in the podcast.



 Why Eizzy Baby

Even though Assie worked the 9 to 5, she always had the entrepreneurial bone in her. She wanted to build her own product-based business but one of the most daunting Questions held her back!

“ What can I sell?”

The answer to this question got very clear when she had her baby boy.

“When I had my son, I spent so much time and I thought ‘How can I make parenting easy’ because parenting is hard! And on top of that, I didn't want to spend hours putting together Complex products for my son to use.  I just wanted it (the products) to be super easy for him, to just grab and go!”

This is exactly what Eizzy Baby is! A curation of baby products that are super functional, easy, and simple to use.


How she sold her assets like her clothes and shoes for business capital

After the question of ‘What’ came the big question of ‘How!’

Assie did not have a LOT of money. She was living paycheck to paycheck, was side hustling, doing odd jobs to support herself and her family’s living. Plus she had to work for her business capital. She did not shy away from selling her assets like extra clothes, shoes, and accessories to increase the capital.

She researched hard on how to use Alibaba for vendors who would manufacture her products, stayed awake at night to coordinate with the vendors, and be there for her son, first thing in the morning!


The Expectations Vs The Reality

Her first product, Eizzy Baby Diaper Bag, was a fail!

After a lot of going back and forth, a variety of samples, change of vendors, she ordered her First Consignment of 200 Diaper Bags.

The Expectations vs the Reality was not in her favor!

This was the time where she took major decisions for her brand, especially marketing and sales decisions.

You can get to know the whole story from the podcast where Assie shares all her hardships and how she overcame them.

Timestamp - 11.00


The Covid fiasco with getting Fired

The Covid Pandemic hit the whole world and how! The pandemic brought a whole set of new problems for Assie.

“ When I got fired, it was actually my Birthday and I was at a food shopping and I think I spent about $250. And then I got a call right when I was at the checkout and I was like ‘Oh shit! How am I going to afford $250 now!?

The Covid also caused a month-long delay in the shipment of her products making the situation worse.


Marketing Strategies

Initially, Assie made her Shopify website; talked to any and everyone she could, either to talk about her brand or to get help for her difficulties.

She started posting on Facebook MarketPlace and also chose Amazon’s fulfillment.

But, Amazon needed a huge advertising capital to be successful. To know more about this, you should definitely check the fun podcast. TimeStamp - 12.40

This is when Assie decided to sell through her Website and invest her time, energy, and money to drive traffic there.

She started by talking and connecting with people on Facebook groups. Groups that were from her niche. She started to share value with these people.

Assie started her Instagram page @eizzybaby, drove her traffic to this page, shared pictures, her journey, most importantly she shared pictures and videos of her son using the products in their day-to-day life.

“ 80% of my sales come from my Instagram”

No, the process wasn’t easy. No, it wasn’t a one-day miracle. It was determination and perseverance that got results.


How “YOU” can do it too!

“A job is not easy, Entrepreneurship is NOT easy”

If you want an easy job, then entrepreneurship is not for you. But if you want to work for yourself, do all the hard work and smart work for yourself then this is for you!

“Start from somewhere! If you don't have the money to buy an actual product so what I would advise you to do is to create an Instagram page, whatever the niche is that you are interested in, start sharing value. Grow your following and eventually go in to introduce a product to them.”

To know more tips and the processes check out the podcast episode.

Assie has always believed in helping and growing together. If you ever want to talk or chat, you can always DM on @eizzybaby


To shop Eizzy baby products, visit

You can find Eizzy baby at @eizzybaby on socials

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