A Message From Our Founder

A Message From Our Founder

Thanks for visiting Eizzy Baby!

When I set out to create Eizzy Baby, my goal was to make products that were fashionable, durable, safe, and time-saving. Spending more time with our kids, helping them reach important milestones, and simply being present when they need us are parts of (parent) life's special moments. And I feel that the easier we make it on ourselves, the more time and energy we have to spend with them.

I spent the past 10 years working in the special education field in New Jersey. Six of those years were spent running a statewide transition program for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. I am passionate about helping children and parents live the best lives possible, in spite of the challenges.

The inspiration behind this entire business came when my son, Noah, was born. As a working mom, I was super busy and tired by the end of the workday. I wanted to find products that made my life easier throughout the evenings and weekends so I had more time and energy to devote to him.

That's why one of my favorite items in the collection is the Eizzy Snack Cup. The need for this product came about because I did not want to constantly chase my son around the house, cleaning up after his snack-related messes. I needed an easy solution to keep his snacks in one compartment that was hygienic, spill-proof, that worked for his needs without limiting his energetic and adventurous nature. I wanted it to be lightweight, portable, and easy-to-fill with any of his favorite snacks, fruits (and even small toys) on any occasion.

This same need for innovation and elegance inspired our diverse collection of lightweight silicone bibs. I wanted a bib that he could wear during seated meal times (which sometimes seem too few and far in between!), but didn't lead me to do tons of laundry every day. These two products make it easier for me to spend more time making special memories with Noah and stress out less about the little things. Both items are top drawer wash-dishwasher safe and made of FDA-approved and BPA-free, silicone-based materials - equally safe and easy to clean.

As a toddler mom, I take great pride in the development of my son and the products we use in our everyday life. As a Black, female business owner, I find joy in creating a business that serves my family, friends, and community.

These driving forces have also lead me to develop other helpful and innovative products that make everyday parent life easier. I can't wait to share more of these items to help make your days (and long nights) eizzy-ier too!

Join me on Instagram where I share tips, parent-positive messages, promotions, and sneak peeks into our upcoming new offerings. Please say hi as I'd love to hear from you and learn more about your journey.

Warmest Regards,


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